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Introducing Vaniluna, your Indonesian source for premium Tahitian and Planifolia vanilla beans. Elevate your culinary creations with our meticulously curated beans, delivering unmatched quality and flavor. Experience the essence of excellence with Vaniluna.

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Step into our Bean Gallery and behold the essence of perfection. The epitome of premium quality and flavor that defines Vaniluna's legacy.

Unveiling the Excellence of Vaniluna's Vanilla Beans

Ready to explore why Vaniluna's vanilla beans are top-notch? Let's dive in! Here are the standout advantages that make our beans a cut above the rest.


Handpicked for freshness from Indonesia's finest plantations.


Adaptable for various culinary applications, from desserts to beverages.

Rich Flavor

Elevates dishes with its complex and aromatic flavor.


Ensuring natural purity and flavor. Free from Chemicals

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Welcome to Vaniluna, your ultimate destination for premium vanilla beans sourced directly from the heart of Indonesia. Before delving into the finer details, allow us to provide you with some insightful answers to commonly asked questions about our brand and products. Explore our FAQs below to learn more about what makes Vaniluna vanilla beans truly exceptional.

Vaniluna specializes in sourcing and providing premium Tahitian and Planifolia vanilla beans from Indonesia. Our beans are meticulously handpicked and curated to ensure the highest quality and richest flavor profile, capturing the essence of our tropical climate and fertile soil.

At Vaniluna, we focus on two main varieties of vanilla beans: Tahitian and Planifolia. Each variety has its own unique flavor profile and aroma, allowing our customers to choose the perfect bean for their culinary creations.

Yes, our vanilla beans are organically grown and harvested in Indonesia. We are committed to sustainable farming practices and take great care to ensure that our beans are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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